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Recipes that use kale as the secret ingredient

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Kale is one of those trendy leafy greens that’s been in the spotlight for some years now. It has managed to remain popular among health food nuts as well as regular folk like me because it truly is nutritious, delicious, and versatile to cook with. Low in calories, rich in iron, and full of antioxidants, kale is glorious and can do no wrong. From salads to chips to sides, kale is an easy choice for a variety of preparations. Less known about kale is its ability to hide in a bunch of unexpected dishes, lending them tons of nutritional benefits without overstepping any taste and flavor boundaries. Kale has the wonderful ability to hide in a chocolate cake as well as it lends desirable texture to meatloaf. Here are some recipes that use kale as a secret ingredient to magnificent effects.


If you’ve never enjoyed the unexpected bliss that comes with eating lush cake made with kale, you’re in for lovely treat. While you might not think of the fibrous leafy greens as essential to dessert dishes, kale has the unique ability to lend cakes a feel-good dose of nutrients without sacrificing taste or flavor. When you eat cake as much as I do, the situation can only be sustained by creative measures like incorporating veggie servings into the recipes…. Since you can’t even tell there’s kale in the cake, all you get is moist, tender, cakey flavor. This win-win situation is downright cause for celebration. If you remain unconvinced, here are a few recipes to help get you on board.

This brilliant recipe from Reformation Acres manages to squeeze three whole cups of kale into a picture-perfect, scrumptious chocolate cake complete with smooth and creamy chocolate frosting.

Check out this green-forward recipe from Allergen Free Recipes to make adorable dark chocolate cupcakes infused with a healthy dose of kale and spinach. Naturally vegan and totally drool-worthy, you probably want to make these.

Want to try a non-chocolate kale cake? This recipe from Veggie Desserts makes a stunning green cake that’s as moist as can be. The lush kale and apple cake gets its finishing touch from a beautiful creamy apple frosting.


While pesto is a bright green Italian sauce that is most traditionally made using basil leaves along with garlic, pine nuts, and Parmigiano cheese, that doesn’t mean you have follow all the rules, all the time. Swap in kale for basil for a big dose of fibrous goodness plus you still get that brilliant green hue. With kale as the main component of the sauce, you get to treat your body to loads of folate and Omega-3s. A guilt-free pesto that you can put on just about everything is what I would consider a culinary miracle. Whether you coat your pasta with kale pesto, eat it by the spoonful, or slather it on sandwich bread, you won’t regret changing up your pesto game once in awhile. Here are three delicious recipes to get you going.

This recipe from Epicurious makes an incredibly savory, nutty, and nutritious pesto by using kale with basil for a doubly green effect. Toasted walnuts lend tons of earthy, nutty, flavor, too.

Cookie and Kate’s recipe for super kale pesto incorporates loads of superfood goodness. Think kale, hemp seeds, and flaxseed oil. Imagine this blended greatness with your favorite pasta dish.

Got five minutes? Then you have time to make this satisfying kale pesto from Pinch of Yum. A bunch of kale leaves, raw almonds, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil are all it takes to make some green magic.

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